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Teachers, revamp classrooms with these cost-effective tips

Many teachers will say that their profession is immensely rewarding, even though it can be a lot of hard work. One of the perks of putting in the hard yards as a teacher is that most Australians think very highly of school teachers - in fact, they ranked them as the fourth most trusted and valued profession in the country after nurses, doctors and pharmacists.

These results were recorded in the annual Roy Morgan Image of Professions Survey for this year, and showcase that following medical professionals, it's the teachers that Australia is thankful for. 

While that is sure to warm the heart of any teacher, the reality is that decorating classrooms and setting them up for the new term can be costly. After speaking to several school teachers in 2011, the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) reported that some spend up to AU$1,761 a year on supplies. The SMH also reported a members' survey by the Teachers Federation found that their average expenditure on student materials was AU$1,355 per year.

The costs of classroom decor can quickly stack up.
The costs of classroom decor can quickly stack up.

This state of affairs is not unique to Australia. Forbes magazine reported that American teachers spend up to US$400 on back-to-school items alone, and this is a recurring expense to purchase the books, posters, information packets and teaching materials for the different topics to be covered each term. 

As you will already know very well as a teacher, these costs add up and can become problematic for balancing other personal finances. So, what can you do to minimise recurring spending? 

One-off investment for all your decor needs

Picking a one-time purchase that is versatile and lets you change up classroom decor without having to get new paints or decorations every single term is a smart, pocket-friendly way to manage your bills. By investing in a Designer Pinboard Australia standard rectangular pinboard custom to your classroom wall sizes, you have a self-healing and bacteriostatic surface that is low-maintenance and healthy for the students, too. 

Instead of having to create wall displays from scratch for each new topic, you can simply use the same pinboard base to pin up relevant math, science or subject-specific laminated documents and re-use these on a yearly basis. For a playful touch, you can use our mini hexagonal pinboards in a beehive design as a spelling bee board. 

Since these pinboards are so sturdy, they'll stay in place for many terms and could save you money long-term as you can use them time and again for teaching purposes. 

With students going on summer holiday in the coming weeks, now is an excellent time to purchase pinboards and begin the revamp rejoicing! 

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