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Pinboard Design

Whether you're designing a home office where you can work on those rainy days, an ideal study area for a school or need a convenient notice board for your corporate space, a designer pinboard could be what you are looking for.

Here at Designer Pinboards Australia, we recognise that everyone's taste is unique, which is why we showcase a wide range of pinboard designs. However, we know we couldn't possibly supply an a la carte pinboard selection to suit everyone, so we also offer a custom design process to ensure we provide precisely the right design or quantity for your individual needs.

But what exactly are those needs?

Mini Hex Designer Pinboard

An introduction to choosing a pinboard

Without thinking about your space, you might not know which pinboard to choose from our range. For example, do you need a large pinboard with a world map on it, or perhaps a cluster of smaller hexagonal pinboards to create a trendy, modern aesthetic?

To figure out the answer to this mystery, you will need to ask yourself a few questions, which we've outlined below.

What size do I need?

Size will largely be defined by room space versus your requirements. For example, a home office will not require an oversized custom design, so you can easily reach all its corners. On the other hand, an office hoping to cover a wall with a large, company-branded bulletin board would require a bigger product.

What shape do I want?

'Rectangle' is not your only option when it comes to classy pinboards to suit your interior design. Our hexagonal shape has proven popular, as our customers love being able to group them together or spread them apart, in whichever layout they desire at the time. We also offer circular designs, in addition to many different styles of print. Check out our Pinboard Shop for more style ideas, or contact us for a custom design quote.

Is there a colour I would prefer?

Designer Pinboards Australia offers a range of colours and materials to best suit your requirements. Our Pinboard Colours page has more.

Where should I put my pinboard within my space?

Now we get to the really fun part - the pinboard interior design ideas.

Of course, your building type will largely define where your new designer pinboard should go. We've outlined some ideas below to help inspire you.

Residential office, study, bedroom

A pinboard can do a number of different things in a home space. For example, a bright pattern or quirky shape could liven up an otherwise drab wall in your office, which would be even more effective against a neutral-coloured paint. Alternatively, you could pop it immediately in front of your desk in order to keep important information close at hand.

Schools or other educational facilities

The age of your pupils could help you choose where to put your cork notice board. For example, showcasing young children's work in the class can be inspiring and let them know their work is worth the effort, according to Responsive Classroom. Our blog article 'Pinboards and notice boards for school students' has more.

Office buildings and other workspaces

There are so many innovative ways to use a pinboard in your office. For example, you could buy wholesale custom notice boards to cover the walls of your staff and meeting rooms, or even to line certain key hallways. This is great for putting up important announcements, and we can even print your branding and logos onto the material for ultimate customisation.

What's even better, all of our products here at Designer Pinboards Australia are made with sustainability in mind, and use only recyclable, renewable materials.

If you have any questions, or would like to talk more about our products, contact us online or call 1800 74 62 62.