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Why Choose Us

Designer Pinboards Hexagonal Design

Why Choose Designer Pinboards Australia?


  • Whether you are considering our Pinboards for the office or home you can create your own style by choosing colours and designs that suit your space.


  • You can incorporate a company logo or image as the pin-able surface, thereby creating pieces of artwork when they’re not being used as Pinboards.  Our Pinboards are self-healing, so when a pin is removed, there are no unsightly holes.


  • If you require noise reducing qualities, our Pinboards can cover an entire wall which provides acoustic insulation.


  • Designer Pinboards can create mobile notice board stands – handy  for offices, schools, hotels and can be easily stored when not in use.


  • You will be investing in the only completely renewable resource based Pinboard on the market. Of immense importance to us was creating a product that was environmentally friendly from the start of its life cycle right to the very end of its life cycle.


  • Our Forbo Bulletin Board Pinboards are made from a material that does not attract dust and has bacteriostatic properties that can stop the spread of common and not so common bacteria, ensuring that they’re suitable for all spaces including kitchens, staff rooms, offices and other spaces that require absolute hygiene


  • Easy to install, you’ll receive easy, detailed instructions as well as fixing materials to install your Pinboard.  View our "How to Install Your Designer Pinboard" video to see how easy our Pinboards are to install.
  • Our sturdy Pinboards have been rigorously tested, each one is made to our meticulous standards.  Our Designer Pinboards will sit flush and securely to your wall.


  • Designer Pinboards are 100% Australian-owned, and the Pinboards are manufactured in Australia from renewable Pinboard material sourced from the Netherlands.


  • If you have any questions please contact us for an obligation-free quotation or chat on 1800 PINBOARD (74 62 62).